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PLEASE NOTE: the Province of British Columbia is presently reviewing and updating the Provincial Brownfield Strategy. Portions of this website therefore are currently not available.

Economic Benefits:
Brownfield redevelopment creates a number of economic benefits for local governments, land developers and the community. By choosing to redevelop vacant or unused land, new sources of tax revenue can be found and redeveloped brownfield projects can spur on further new development as part of a community revitalization strategy.
Brownfield redevelopment can…
  • improve local economic growth
  • increase local tax revenue from redeveloping vacant & underused properties
  • enhance land values surrounding redeveloped brownfields
  • replace lost jobs by creating space for new industry on redeveloped brownfields
  • be a catalyst for surrounding development, creating a favourable climate for more brownfield redevelopment projects
Environmental Benefits:
The environmental benefits of brownfield redevelopments extend beyond the remediation and clean-up processes. Brownfields present opportunities to return used land back to green and natural spaces. Brownfields are an environmentally sustainable method of property development.
Brownfield redevelopment can…
  • reduce municipal reliance on ‘greenfield agricultural’ land for property development, preserving British Columbia’s natural habitats
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing urban sprawl and locating commercial development near existing transportation corridors
  • improve soil and ground water quality
  • create new green spaces and natural habitats
Social Benefits:
Brownfield redevelopment provides unique opportunities for generating social benefits through sustainable land stewardship. From creating spaces for affordable housing to green and civic spaces, brownfields represent an untapped resource for communities to rebuild and grow.
Brownfield redevelopment can…
  • provide new housing opportunities and green spaces
  • turn urban brownfields sites into new centres of community activity and prosperity
  • increase public safety by removing derelict buildings and vacant lots that attract unwanted activities
  • create opportunities for local jobs
  • reintroduce residents and businesses to core urban areas.

  1. The Brownfield Renewal Funding program is now completed. Thank you for your interest.
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  3. BC Toolkit For Former Service Stations.

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